Through the noise

Breaking through the noise of information with a carefully established strategy is how Newslab has built their reputation as an editorial agency over the years. We helped them build a new website reflecting this part of their work.

Newslab is an editorial communication agency focusing on developing content strategy. They create value through the conception of an engaging and qualitative editorial, with an aim to break through the online noise.

Besides being such a strong actor among the big companies in Norway, they needed to report about their status in the field in a better way. And this was done through a more high-end looking update of their website, evoking a newspaper, press dimension.

Another essential point for them was to have a place to communicate more directly with future prospects and clients, to share what they experienced through their project.

Concept and design of the website for a copy writing company based in Oslo.

Made at Bleed Design Studio
Creative Director : Svein Haakon Lia
Development: Kristoffer Lundberg
Year: 2017

Gold European Design Awards. 2017

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ORF 12019

As bold as one

ORF1 (former FS1) has been Austrias Nr. 1 TV channel since 1961. The mission of ORF 1 is simple: Broadcasting quality TV content for everyone. It was time for a new and confident take on a television identity based on new values and a clear vision. The main design principles are courage, clarity, versatility and zeitgeist.

The biggest challenge for ORF 1 lie in the diversity of the program. This applies especially to the on-air design, but also on all other channels. The new design reflects exactly this diversity and offers strong orientation.

The on-air design is inspired by common screen interaction and motion flow on media devices. The upwards scroll is one of the key elements. It adds a contemporary look and feel to the experience. It is used for transitions, type appearance and logo animations and stands for the channels open and positive spirit.

For a fresh and clean look we also work with whitespace. This allows the colors and the brand visual to stand out. The new motion principles are followed on all dynamic content.

Main task was to overview the concept and creation of the Tv-Channel animations. I have participated on the concepts and productions of the screens along other designers from Bleed.

Made at Bleed design studio
Creative Directors: Svein Haakon Lia, Astrid Feldner
Designers: William Stormdal, Halvor Nordrum, Marc Damm, Camille Dorival

Year: 2019

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Eating nicely

A personal project made in collaboration with a friend that started as a way to save our vegetarian recipes online. It quickly grew as a way to gather ideas and ways of thinking this cooking.

One aim was for us to showcase how our cultural differences make us cook and think about the construction of our dishes in a specific way.

In addition to recipes and tips, we will be meeting people to gather stories about different ways of thinking vegetarian recipes and fight the lackluster ideas attached to it.

This project will be a good way of working on identity, communication, art direction for photography, interviews and writing stories.

Work in progress of the design of my own recipe journal around vegetarian cooking.
Dummy content and pictures at the moment.

Personal project
Year: 2018

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Health and care

Aleris is one of Scandinavia's leading private healthcare company. The project concerned a huge update of the health section of the website, focusing on a new experience and a true attention spent on mobile for users.

The challenge was to find an efficient way of organizing a structure that will cover the huge amount of pages they will create for every treatments, operations, and doctor. Because of their presence in different countries, the website has to be thought and made in a modular way to suit their needs.

Part of the project was to adapt and develop further the current identity to digital supports such as a new set of colors in accordance with the contrast ratio “Design for Accessibility” requirements. But also come up with a new direction of photography and a set of illustrations to communicate for both identity and campaign.

The highlight of a specific treatment, showcase an actual campaign, finding a way of pushing editorial content or handle videos reviews of patients were at the center of the reflection on this website.

Website, and illustrations for private healthcare company in Scandinavia.

Made at Bleed Design Studio
Creative Director: Svein Haakon Lia
Development: Geta
Year: 2018

☞ In development

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Yule log2017

Bright and shine

Illustration and animation made at Bleed for their last Christmas card. Inspired by the concept of the Yule Log 2.0 where motion designer makes a short motion for every day in December.

It has been a very good short project to work and build-up a better workflow in Illustration to animation and experimenting a lot with textures in motion and how it could be reproduced.

It has been a very good short project to work and build-up a better workflow in illustration to animation and experimenting a lot with textures in motion and how it could be reproduced.

Concept, illustration and animation of the latest new year's card.

Made at Bleed design studio
Year: 2017

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Rethink the struture

Part of the International Sunde Group, Sundolitt is a company focusing on the selling of insulation materials. Sundolitt website needed to be rethink from the start, think about a new global structure and improve the product pages to give prospects a better idea of their products.

The work covered a better-crafted user experience with a particular attention given to mobile and visually focus /emphasize more on high competence and professional tone.

We reduce the number of existing pages and focus on crafting and grouping all the scattered content inside two main parts of the website: the products pages and the discovery pages which gather articles and technical documents.

Through this new classification and a system of modules, the product pages can highlight in a clearer way, showcase, give access to the various technical information and documents related to each product.

Concept and design of the website for one of Norway's biggest company in the sector.

Made at Bleed design studio
Creative Director: Kjell Reenskaug
Year: 2017

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