The future of mobility

Working closely with Ruter, Bakken & Baeck has designed their newly released app and updated their digital presence. From simplifying digital products, reestablishing the brand and planning the future of mobility for Norwegians.

Through rethinking for digital needs, we designed a typeface, updated the iconography, and came up with a new design and animation design system that would work both on the new app, but also for future supports such as screens in transports.

For the animation design system, it was important to reflect the newly developed values of the products. Working towards making the product feel intuitive and lively through short and brief animations with small details that add personality.

But also work towards making the experience feels caring through small validation and nudge to make the navigation easier to understand. And animate the map and elements on it to give a feeling of familiarity of something local.

+ I had the role of Design system lead & Motion design lead on the project. Working closely with the brand and product team at Bakken&Baeck. Bridging both visions together into one coherent, playful, accessible, and intuitive product.

+ Team: Listya Amelia, Connie Pedersen, Harry Copeman, Henrik Kongsvoll.
+ Copy: Josephine Valle
+ Illustrations: Cécile Gariépy

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The joy of singing

Together with OsloMet’s kindergarten education department, BakkenBaeck has designed and built Trall, a digital music and singing experience to inspire all generations to sing together.

Using re-recorded traditional songs by some of Norway’s most remarkable musicians, Trall aims to preserve and showcase musical heritage through an ever-growing library. Play songs and experience uniquely generated animated illustrations with visuals inspired by nature.

From underwater reflections to flower blooming growing and blooming. It was important to display the enticing perspective by highlighting organic elements from our surroundings to fire up the curiosity of children to look around them.

Keeping music at the centre of everything, we use songs metadata to generate and impact the visualisations. Melodies, dynamics, rhythm, surprising elements or motifs are all elements that will bring a visual understanding of the music.

+ My task in this project was to establish the visual part of the visualisation as well as the animation direction. I designed the shapes and colours, which elements would be created, which visual direction, how the metadata would impact them, how the music should be showcased.

+ Design team: Lotte Camilla Holst-Hansen, Nicolas Vittori, Connie Pedersen, Henrik Kongsvoll
+ Copy: Vilde Reichelt

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As bold as one

ORF1 (former FS1) has been Austrias Nr. 1 TV channel since 1961. The mission of ORF 1 is simple: Broadcasting quality TV content for everyone. It was time for a new and confident take on a television identity based on new values and a clear vision. The main design principles are courage, clarity, versatility and zeitgeist.

The biggest challenge for ORF 1 lies in the diversity of the program. This applies especially to the on-air design, but also to all other channels. The new design reflects exactly this diversity and offers a strong orientation.

The on-air design is inspired by common screen interaction and motion flow on media devices. The upwards scroll is one of the key elements. It adds a contemporary look and feels to the experience. It is used for transitions, type appearance and logo animations and stands for the channels open and positive spirit.

For a fresh and clean look, we also work with whitespace. This allows the colours and the brand visual to stand out. The new motion principles are followed on all dynamic content.

+ Main task was to overview the concept and creation of the Tv-Channel animations. I have assisted in the concepts and productions of the screens designed by the rest of the design team at Bleed.

Made at Bleed
+Cr.directors: Svein Haakon Lia, Astrid Feldner
+Designers: William Stormdal, Halvor Nordrum, Marc Damm

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